The Benefits of SEO for a Business

Over the past few years the digital landscape has changed a lot, but SEO is still considered as an important and effective marketing strategy. In fact, SEO has changed so much that people now have started considering it more as a branding play rather than just a marketing tactic. There are numerous benefits to good SEO execution, and we’ll look at a few of them. Here are the details.

SEO should bring a good ROI

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, should always offer quantifiable and trackable results, irrespective of what the website is about. So there is no qualm in terms of SEO. For instance, while you buy 100 visitors from any paid ad, just 2% of these visitors may actually be converted to a sale. But in the case of SEO, around 4% of visitors on average are converted into a sale, resulting in better ROI. This is one of the major benefits of investing in search marketing that can’t be achieved through any other marketing method.

Increase in traffic

Top rankings on the search engine result pages, or SERPs, receive most of the clicks and impressions. So having a website ranked at the top of the page can lead to a significant increase in traffic for a business. Over time, it makes a significant difference in the number of phone calls and sales that can be made, as long as the site is converting well.

Creating keyword relevant and informative title tags and meta descriptions that show up in the search result pages is critical. It’s what tells Google, Yahoo, Bing, and searchers what the site is about. Having both the descriptions and optimized tags are helpful to increase the click through rates and helps to increase qualified web traffic.

Cost effective form of marketing

Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies because it mainly targets people who are actively in search of the products or services offered by a company. Its inbound nature is helpful for the businesses to save cost as opposed to outbound strategies. As organic listings are free, while a website is listed on the top there is no requirement of allocating any budget for advertising. By following good optimization practices, it is actually possible to see a website getting constant traffic with just a little effort.


Brand awareness

As a top rank in the search engine result pages leads to great impressions, top rankings also bring more exposure for a company website. Being on the first page for the target keywords doesn’t only helps the searchers to find the brand by using relevant keywords, but being at the top also instills trust. Therefore, this increases brand awareness. By following Google approved methods and getting ranked on the first page of the search engines, a company’s brand becomes better known, so people begin to trust it more.

One business that gets this right for their clients is Monumental SEO, a St. Petersburg SEO Company. They start every new campaign with making sure that the brand is well established and that the business ranks for their brand name. They can also be found on Facebook – Monumental SEO.

Increased site usability

When the effort is made to make a site easy to navigate for the search engines, SEO actually helps to make a site more navigable for the users. When done correctly, the SEO consultant rearranges the architecture of the site and the links to make pages within a site easy to find as well as to navigate. This not only helps the search engines to find pages by when they crawl the site, but it also helps to increase the site usability for anyone who lands on it.

Is Submission to Online Business Directories Helpful?

Web directory submission service is one of the oldest and most respected ways to get links in the SEO industry. Most SEO agencies today will include a web directory submission service because it is an excellent source of backlinks from authority sites to your website.

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There are many reasons for using web directory submissions for your website. Some of then are that it establishes the business brand, it can help to grow the amount of web traffic to the site, and they will be needed when doing search engine marketing for a website. Today all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing consider listings in quality web directories to be necessary for any business that wants to have a good online presence in the search engines.

Seeing the beneficial aspect of a web directory submission service, all the major search engines prefer the submission of their sites to all relevant web directories like the open directory project, industry-specific expert sites, and other directories. If you’re planning to use SEO St. Pete for a web directory submission service then you should be aware of its beneficial aspects along with the pros and cons.

Some of the beneficial aspects of web directory submission service are that your site is manually registered and submitted with the business information and a URL to many online directories. Care should be taken that the directories chosen are relevant to the industry the business is in, and they should be good quality, high authority sites.

The process should be done manually and not by done by software or a bot. Being done by a person helps to ensure that the categories are chosen carefully, the description well written, and each submission will be unique. These should not be done all at once, but done gradually over a period of days and weeks so that it appears to be a natural process.

Directory submissions for local businesses should always have the NAP, or name, address, and phone number included. These should be accurate and exactly the same across all listings. Otherwise, it creates confusion and hurts rankings.

If you’re paying someone to submit your site to online business directories, then you should begin to notice a difference in how your business shows up on the web. When authority directories are chosen, the listings will be crawled and indexed almost immediately. Multiple listings will build branding and has the potential for bringing in more traffic and sales.

Today, submitting a site to online business directories is considered an important aspect of internet marketing within the SEO industry. This is because when done correctly, it is one of the easiest, safest, and a cost-effective way to get traffic and links to a website, and can help to improve search engine ranking positions in the search engines. Agencies that provide manual web directory submissions and don’t use software or automated methods, are providing a valuable service for their clients.

Why Content Marketing is Smart

How Content Marketing Can Help a Business

Content marketing is a marketing technique which involves creating as well as distributing relevant, valuable, and reliable content. The purpose is to draw and obtain a targeted audience, along with the aim of attracting cost-effective customer action. Basically, content marketing is all about setting up customers’ trust with strong, relevant, valuable and consistent content.

Importance for the business

Emerging physical diversity, evolving media usage, and the usage of interactive technologies have changed how consumers buy a particular product or services, and how they see brand advertising. Relevant content can be helpful in fostering the customer relationship to the business. It helps in achieving customers’ trust by tackling the important subject that is affecting them.

When you have good content, you can substitute tactics that are less effective, and this helps you gain a lead in the industry. It optimizes traffic to your blogs, website, and social media networks, and also offers the business a great opportunity to share their valuable content with the customer.

During a survey when people were asked about the most important part of digital marketing, around 29.6% people choose content marketing. This makes content marketing one of the most important aspects of digital marketing.

Importance for customers

There has been a significant change in the behavior of the consumer, and over time people have started giving greater importance to content marketing. Today, before buying a particular product or service, consumers do a thorough research to make sure that they buy only the best product or service. This is very true in the case of B2B as well as B2C businesses.

You cannot just sell a product or services to people; they will look for strong, relevant contact that will help them in making the best decision. A study revealed that approximately 70% of the consumers today learn about the product or services offered by a business, rather than trusting their advertisement. After that, they purchase the product/service from their learning regarding the business.

Importance in search engine optimization

Today, everybody has access to the internet and consumers direct themselves to the search engines to find the answers or solutions to their queries. So business should consider the internet their new consumer, and work towards attracting the search engines. Generally, the search engines use some sort of algorithm to position the informative and relevant content.

A good, local seo company is the best choice for helping a business increase their rankings in the search engines. Just like consumers looking for a service, businesses should do their research to determine the best company to work with. SEO St. Petersburg has been the #1 choice in Tampa Bay for many years now, and there are other companies like it in every state.

Create quality content along with the right percentage of relevant keywords to ensure that your content ranks higher in the search engine rankings. It is one of the best ways to create quality and long term leads, and attract inbound marketing. Today, Google has been highly penalizing websites that have spammy or irrelevant content, as well as websites that have overly optimized pages.

When you invest in a high-quality content marketing approach, you will be able to create effective leads for your business. People want to connect with businesses who understand what they want and with content marketing, you are giving them a platform to trust you.

Online SEO is Redundant



Online SEO is somewhat of a redundant phrase, due to the fact that SEO can only take place online and is non-existent offline. SEO deals with the search engines and optimizing a website for the best advantage and placement in any or all of the major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are other search engines in other countries as well, that are well known in their respective areas.

Optimizing a website includes many factors, starting with the site itself. It includes the content, how it is displayed, where the site links to, and which sites link back to it. It can be complex or simple, but to be effective, it has to be by the rules.